• Vaccinations: A Rabies vaccination is required by 4-months of age if you live in Maricopa County. Otherwise, by 6-months of age. Distemper and Bordetella are required every six months.
  • Neuter or Spray: We do require dogs to be neutered or spayed. Male dogs must be neutered by 7 or 8 months of age. Female dogs must be spayed by 10 to 12-months of age. Female dogs cannot be in season (in heat) while at Happy Pets Palace.
  • Prescreening: A phone conversation and a meet-and-greet are required.
  • Puppy vaccinations: Vaccination records are required by a licensed vet for Parvo, Distemper and Bordetella. A 7-day waiting period is required after distemper vaccination is given for puppy’s inoculation. Rabies is due by 4-months of age.
    Licensed vet to provide clean bill of health including parasite free stool sample before first attendance.
  • See “Requirements and FAQs” for more information.

New Client Signup Forms Required for Daycare and Boarding