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Square Review on 8/4/17, 6:45 PM

Super Staff.

Square Review on 8/3/17, 3:29 PM

Lilah wasn’t at a boarding facility; she was at a resort. It’s so good to know your pets are in good hands when you are away.

Square Review on 7/26/17, 4:45 PM

This was the second time our little Jack/Chi (Jack Russel Terrier / Chihuahua) mix has spent time at HPP. We have had a wonderful experience, worry free that our dog was well taken care of. All of our friends wanted to watch GRINGO on our smartphones. Thanks to all the personnel at HPPP Job well done.

Square Review on 7/20/17, 2:24 PM

You guys are awesome! We are so happy that we have place to leave our kids when we need to go somewhere, and not worry about them! Joanne Butler

Square Review on 7/19/17, 5:33 PM

We drive from Utah to let Millie play at Happy Pet Palace. She loves it! Thanks for your great care.

Square Review on 7/19/17, 6:17 PM

Thank you so much for helping our pups get through the move here! It looks like they had a fabulous time

Square Review on 7/18/17, 3:19 PM

Excellent loving care of our baby for and extended time. Personal response to all of our questions and concerns. Remote viewing cameras meant so much to us while we were away. A text video of baby also meant a lot of cheer for us. Thank you!

Square Review on 7/13/17, 4:00 PM

Everyone loves the dogs! They treat them like family! Love and trust this place!

Square Review on 7/13/17, 6:00 PM

I love the new cameras. It’s so nice to see a dog attendant pet or talk to the dogs. . Do they still have read /story time for the dogs?

Square Review on 7/9/17, 4:46 PM

Too many dogs being held in one area over [July 4th] holiday weekend causing negative dog behavior. Please limit the number of dogs being accepted so the experience is pleasurable for both pets and staff. Thank you.

Square Review on 7/5/17, 5:18 PM

I so appreciate all the workers and how they handle the dogs. Like kids these dogs have individual needs… It takes patience and knowledge . A big thank you to all

Square Review on 6/22/17, 9:03 PM

My puppies are always happy here, I love knowing that they are not stuck in kennels all day and night. Everyone is wonderful and truly loves dogs.

Square Review on 6/16/17, 8:45 PM

Love the new cameras. Could see the interaction of dogs and people. So easy on my phone. Jax loves playing with her fur friends.

Square Review on 6/15/17, 6:50 PM

I always feel relaxed knowing my dogs are with you. No worries. Thank you very much.

Square Review on 6/10/17, 4:30 PM

Happy Pets Palace is an amazing facility. My boy Mongo loves going there!

Square Review on 6/9/17, 3:53 PM

My pup had a ball he is fast asleep now all the girls love dogs you can tell. Thank you

Square Review on 6/4/17, 10:32 AM

Yadi always enjoys her stay!

Square Review on 6/4/17, 11:09 AM

Everyone loves our pets, hope you never lose that.

Square Review on 6/3/17, 8:26 PM

Military discount! This helps me as a retired, disabled Veteran not working.

Square Review on 5/28/17, 5:59 PM

Fantastic environment! Maggie loves the place and her new friends ( she told me so herself).

Square Review on 6/27/17, 5:46 AM

The cameras are so nice to be able to see your pet while your gone.

Square Review on 5/7/17, 1:27 PM

Great and Pleasant staff

Square Review on 5/4/17, 2:22 PM

Thor loves❤️ Happy Pet Palace!!! 🎈

Square Review on 4/26/17, 2:52 PM

The staff at Happy Pets is outstanding!! Thank you for taking such great care of Sparky!!

Square Review on 4/26/17, 5:28 PM

Thank you. Buster loves visiting

Square Review on 4/15/17, 7:13 PM

We love Happy Pets Palace! The staff are courteous and professional. The facility is clean and inviting. We’ve always had a positive experience and will continue to come back!

Square Review on 4/14/17, 6:48 PM

I love being able to see how Buster interacts with the other dogs kind the staff is to all.

Square Review on 4/12/17, 8:33 AM

Thank you all so much for piece of mind! xxoo

Square Review on 4/10/17, 5:47 PM

I think this is a great place to bring my dog for boarding. He seems well care for and I the interaction with other dogs is good for him, in this controlled environment. I’m sure we’ll be back!

Square Review on 4/5/17, 5:15 PM

Best pet place in the world! Loving, caring, passionate about your work! Thank you happy pets palace!

Square Review on 4/4/17, 12:50 PM

You guys do a GREAT job!

Square Review on 3/26/17, 1:30 PM

Abby loves coming to HPP, as soon as we pull up to the curb she starts to whine and wants out of the car. Everyone I have come in contact with has been absolutely great. The facility is so clean and welcoming (for us humans too). Before HPP had never left Abby in doggie daycare, was always just a bit unsure, but now….no problem 🙂