$18 per dog


We have a fun day for puppies up to one-year old to come and play the whole day on Puppy Wednesday for $18. It is a very popular time for new puppies to learn socializing and play skills from other dogs and lots of puppies. It’s a pretty fun crazy day!

Puppies must have their 3rd distemper vaccination and must have their Bordetella vaccination before coming to Happy Pets Palace. This usually happens around 4 months old.

Rabies vaccine is due by six-months of age unless you live in Maricopa County. Maricopa County requires all dogs have their rabies vaccine and be licensed at 3-months of age. https://www.maricopa.gov/pets/license.aspx.

Male dogs must be neutered by 7 or 8-months of age. Female dogs must be spayed by 10 to 12-months of age. We require all dogs be appropriate and suitable for co-ed group play and not show any signs of aggression. Female dogs cannot be in season.

All puppies must pre-screen before being allowed to play on Puppy Wednesday. We need to make sure all dogs are a good fit for our group play environment. Call 480-207-1852 to make a pre-screening appointment, which is like a free half-day of daycare.