The Woof of Fame is Our way to show off the cuties that come to Happy Pets Palace and give other pet owners an opportunity to learn more about the fabulous dogs that we love.


  • A dog must be in attendance in either daycare or boarding to be eligible.
  • Dogs of one family count as one vote. So when selected, multi-family dogs would all be "Royal Woofers" on the same day.
  • Our employees who are on the schedule each day get to submit three vote entries for either single dogs or multi-family dogs.
  • Once a dog has been added to our Woof of Fame, he/she cannot be re-added for a 12 month period.
  • Employee dogs and new pre-screening dogs are not eligible.
  • We will continue selecting "Royal Woofers" for our Woof of Fame until 12/31/17.
We post winner(s) each night on our Facebook page and also print the pics to display on a prominent wall in our lobby.
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