Dog Friendly Restaurant – Gilbert – Postino

Postino is located in downtown Gilbert, walking distance from the old water tower and the Gilbert Farmers Markets. Parking during busier times, especially during Saturday mornings Farmers’ Market, can be a challenge. We went on a Sunday and were lucky to get a parking spot behind the restaurant just a block away. Postino opens at 9 am on Saturdays and Sundays. We arrived right at 9:00 am. Walking up from the parking lot, we passed by a hot yoga class taking place on a grassy, tree-shaded lot. Listening to their funky Michael Jackson music was upbeat and made our Sunday brunch lively and fun.

This pet dining visit, I brought along Morrigan, our 3-year 7-month old Tamaskan. A Tamaskan dog is a mix of Husky, Shepherd, and Wolf-dog. If you have a dog who sheds a lot, like a Husky, please be considerate and furminate your dog. People may ask to pet your dog and any petting will bring strands of flying dog hair around the food. So be proactive and de-shed your dog before any outings where public dining is involved.

The Postino menu is a wow-factor. Take a moment and look at their brunch offerings. Everything is unique and sounds wonderful. The combinations of food pairings are thought-provoking and appealing to us hungry and thirsty souls. Rebecca and I both ordered the Farm Scramble. It was absolutely delicious. This was my first time to have a salad at breakfast. The breakfast was very fresh and healthy tasting. The portions of what we ordered seemed on the smaller side, compared to other restaurants, but still adequate to get us by until lunch. There was Yoga going on within our view. This felt like a healthy start to our day and we were both energized and motivated by our healthy choice. But there are so many other food options on their menu that I still want to try.

The outside patio seating is definitely urban yuppie feeling which fits this area of town. The patio is covered with a translucent heavy plastic, thin enough to still allow daylight to brighten the patio but effective enough to block the sun. However, around 10 am, the sun creeps around the patio edges and is too hot on your back. The umbrellas don’t shade that part of the patio that time of day, so choose a table on the inner part of the patio and avoid the outer edge that faces the south, unless you want the summer Arizona sun to warm you up.

This restaurant does not have a dog menu, but there are many healthy food options you could consider for your dog. I prefer to pack a small meal to ensure my dog eats something in case the menu choices are unsuitable. But at Postino, the food is quite healthy. You just have to pick something you think your dog would love to share with you.

Corey, our server, is such a genuine dog-lover. She got right down to Morrigan’s level and soaked in all the kisses. As a pet parent, the approval of our pets tends to bring a smile which starts in our heart and beams upward to our cheekbones, sometimes making our eyes tear up just a little. That is what love feels like, pure joy and genuine sweetness.

We do try to inform each restaurant in advance of our visit because we take pictures and videos and chit-chat with staff and other dining guests. We like to give each restaurant a quick heads-up on our mission to blog about our pet-dining experience at their restaurant. And as I write these pet-dining blogs I wonder if the restaurants get excited to find out about our love for their food. But interesting to discover, even for myself, the food regardless of how delicious it is, ranks third coming in after making sure our dogs are accepted and the facility offers a safe dog-friendly environment. We are not foodies. We are pet parents and want a kind and welcoming place for our dogs.

As with all our pet-dining experiences we comment on the human bathrooms because you might need to use one. The restroom at Postino is located inside the restaurant and you cannot take your non-service dog inside. However, just 500-feet around the corner is the free public restroom at the Gilbert Farmers Market, which is dog-friendly, and that makes us happy.

Note: We are encouraging taking regular non-service dogs to patio dine at dog-friendly restaurants because it can be a nice social experience. The blogs about our dog-friendly restaurant visits are not about service dogs. We respect the training service dogs have gone through to provide a valuable and necessary service(s) to their human.