The right resources make all the difference when helping a puppy learn good habits. We encourage owners to use positive training with their puppies. Puppy should be able to learn in a safe environment so they recognize the experiences as a positive one. Puppies learn best in a culture of trust and love. We suggest using praise, affection, positive reinforcement, healthy treats, and lots of repetition. Puppies have a short attention span and need calm interactions and structured rest to help them learn better. Patience and love are key.

Puppy Socializing in Doggy Daycare

Puppies can start socializing at Happy Pets Palace as early as 10-weeks old, as long as they meet health requirements as shown below. Socializing your puppy young is helpful because they are easily taking in all the wonders of life. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior states the puppy’s first three months are the primary window of opportunity to introduce your puppy to new experiences, including new people and other dogs. The benefits of socializing younger far outweigh the risks of having a fearful dog later in life. Plus, our facilities and outside playgrounds are sanitized and safe. The Veterinary Society recommends owners take advantage of every safe opportunity to have your puppy experience new stimuli. Read more here.

Puppy Health and Vaccination Requirements

  • Fecal sample: We require all new puppies under 6-months of age have proof of a clear fecal exam from a vet showing no parasites. If your vet has not yet asked you to provide a fecal sample to them, please contact them to get that set up.
  • Parvo/Distemper: Puppies should receive a minimum of one set of vaccinations at least 7-days prior to the first day (pre-screening day) at Happy Pets Palace. All dogs need to be kept up-to-date on their vaccinations throughout socializing, daycare, and overnight boarding. We do accept Distemper titers for dogs over 1-year old.
  • Rabies: We require all dogs to be current on their rabies vaccine, except puppies under 4-months. Most vets administer the rabies vaccine around 4-months of age. Maricopa County requires all dogs have their rabies vaccine and be licensed at 3-months of age.
  • Bordetella: We recommend all puppies get a Bordetella for Canine Cough because their immune systems are still developing. Bordetella is not mandatory to attend Happy Pets Palace. We let you choose if the Bordetella vaccine is right for your dog. We do not demand that your dog have a vaccine for Bordetella because this vaccine is not effective to prevent every strand and your dog can still get kennel cough even when they are vaccinated. If your dog eats a healthy diet and is not stressed, then an adult dog’s immune system should be adequate. We agree with Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, a Proactive Vet, who believes many pets are over-vaccinated and a more common sense approach is better. This video explains more about Kennel Cough and the Bordetella vaccine.

Neuter/Spay Requirements

Neuter/spay is required by two-years of age. More vets are recommending waiting so their bodies can develop, and we agree. We know there are documented negative health effects to premature spay and neuter. Dogs in group play do have to maintain good behavior. We can work to help correct mild/occasional humping. However, excessive humping is not allowed for several reasons.

Puppy Wednesdays

Puppy Wednesdays at Happy Pets Palace are such a fun time! Puppies can play for a full day of doggy daycare at the half-day rate. If your puppy eats lunch, be sure to pack a lunch for them. It is a very popular time for new puppies to learn socializing and play skills from other dogs and lots of puppies. It is a very fun and active day! And we post super cute pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Your puppy will be loved, cared for, supervised, encouraged to play and make friends, and tired at the end of the day. They are so adorable!

Canine Enrichment

Would you like your puppy to learn positive behaviors, confidence and good manners through interactive games that reward focus and obedience? Canine enrichment is perfect for puppies and it includes fun agility equipment, nose work, puzzles, training games, doggy treadmill, positive rewards, and more. Learn more here.

How To Get Started

Make sure your puppy meets the vet health requirements shown above. We know that your dog is your baby! We invite you to tour our facility so you can see where your dog will play, rest and eat – if you bring them food. Reservations are not required for walk through tours. You can stop by anytime although it does get busy during drop off before work and at pickup after people get off work. The slower times for tours are between 9 am and 3 pm.

All dogs must pre-screen before being entered into our system. We need to make sure all dogs are a good fit for our group play environment. Call 480-207-1852 to schedule your dog’s meet and greet pre-screening appointment. The pre-screening is like a half-day of daycare. Daycare rates do apply. First time visitors are offered a special “warm-up package” of buy 3 get 1 free for daycare for either half-days or full-days, or one warm-up package of each. It’s the best deal we offer.

We Advocate for Puppies!

We know the time you make when your puppy is young will pay off for the rest of your life and be the best thing for your puppy. The pleasurable feeling of a bonded relationship with your puppy is one of the greatest feelings you can have. Your puppy can make friends and learn socializing is safe fun play. Any questions, please call us.

Helpful Online Resources

Great books to Purchase

Goat’s Milk

Because puppies have developing immune systems, we highly recommend giving your puppy goats milk with their meals. Goats milk contains colostrum, which is in the mother’s milk, and aids in your puppy’s developing immune systems. Goats milk also helps the puppy use more of the proteins in their meals and aids with gut health. It a healthy and natural way to give your puppy the best nutrition.

Dog-Friendly Restaurant Tips

View our blog series on east-side area dog-friendly restaurants and get helpful tips for dining out with your dog.