The right resources make all the difference when helping a puppy learn good habits. We encourage owners to use positive training with their puppies. Puppy should be able to learn in a safe environment so they recognize the experiences as a positive one. Puppies learn best in a culture of trust and love. We suggest using praise, affection, positive reinforcement, healthy treats, and lots of repetition. Puppies have a short attention span and need calm interactions and structured rest to help them learn better. Patience and love are key.

Helpful Online Resources

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Goat’s Milk

Because puppies have developing immune systems, we highly recommend giving your puppy goats milk with their meals. Goats milk contains colostrum, which is in the mother’s milk, and aids in your puppy’s developing immune systems. Goats milk also helps the puppy use more of the proteins in their meals and aids with gut health. It a healthy and natural way to give your puppy the best nutrition.


Puppies socializing is perfect for puppies from 10-weeks old up to one year old. On Puppy Wednesdays at Happy Pets Palace, puppies can play for a full day of doggy daycare at the half-day rate. If your puppy eats lunch, be sure to pack their lunch for them. It is a very popular time for new puppies to learn socializing and play skills from other dogs and lots of puppies. It’s a pretty fun and active day!

Puppies must have their 3rd distemper vaccination and Bordetella vaccination before coming to Happy Pets Palace. This usually happens around 4 months old.

Rabies vaccine is due by 4-months of age unless you live in Maricopa County. Maricopa County requires all dogs have their rabies vaccine and be licensed at 3-months of age.

All puppies must pre-screen before being allowed to play on Puppy Wednesdays. We need to make sure all dogs are a good fit for our group play environment. Call 480-207-1852 to schedule your dog’s meet and greet pre-screening appointment.


Young puppies benefit from attending our free puppy social hour on Saturdays at 10 am offered only at our Chandler location.

We meet every Saturday at Happy Pets Palace Chandler (1080 E. Pecos Rd. Suite 16) from 10 – 11 am. Our free Puppy Socials are for puppies 9 to 16-weeks old. Puppies benefit from safe new experiences and social play with other puppies. We offer positive experiences in a sanitized environment. During this social hour, we have an experienced staff member who can offer tips and suggestions to help with your puppy at home as well as in an open group environment. We offer a chance for puppy owners to engage and watch their puppy play with other puppies and owners. Plus it is fun to share your puppy stories with other puppy owners.

Age, vaccinations and health requirements

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position statement on puppy socializing believes, “It should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated.” (AVSAB position statement). All puppies must have their first round of parvo/distemper series from a licensed veterinarian and wait at least 7 days before coming to socialize at Happy Pets Palace Chandler. All puppies must also have clear stool sample result from your vet showing no worms or transferable infections or parasites.

How to get started

Make sure your puppy meets the vet health requirements shown above. Come tour our facility to see where the meetup is held. Reservations for tours are not required. Puppies will need to show vet records to attend the free puppy socials.

We advocate for the puppy! We know the time you make when your puppy is young will pay off for the rest of your life and be the best thing for your puppy. The pleasurable feeling of a bonded relationship with your puppy is one of the greatest feelings you can have. You can help your puppy make friends and learn socializing is fun. Any questions, please call us 480-207-1852.

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