Our Canine Enrichment Center offers a daycare program that instills positive behaviors, confidence and good manners through interactive games that reward focus and obedience. Canine enrichment includes fun agility equipment, nose work, puzzles, training games, doggy treadmill, positive rewards, and more.

Our canine enrichment works the dogs five senses, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight, while providing stimulating workouts both mentally and physically. Included for free when arriving by 10 am for daycare or boarding.

  • Interactive games
  • Fun agility equipment
  • Mental and physical workouts

Dogs who benefit:

Puppies who will learn to read social cues from other dogs in a clean, fun and safe environment.

Highly intelligent dogs who become bored quickly and do better in a learning environment where their intellect is challenged and worked.

The adult dog who is new to socialization but shows a big interest in interacting with other dogs.

Dogs born with a high drive who require both mental and physical stimulating activities to allow them to relax when they get home.

Dogs on the shy side who may prefer human interaction over making new canine friends.

Adult dogs that love to have fun but have a shorter tolerance level for larger groups.

We include one group-session of canine enrichment for all dogs who arrive by 10am Monday – Saturday. One-on-one sessions are $12 for 7-minutes. These sessions are especially great for puppies to help them learn taking turns, waiting, manners, building confidence with new surfaces, and sharing, as well as basic training commands.