Why Try Doggy Daycare?

Our dog daycare offers up to 12-hours a day of supervised dog-dog-group play Monday through Friday. We offer limited daycare on Saturday and Sunday- please call ahead to check availability. If you have a high energy dog and would like them to be tired out when you get home from work, then doggy daycare will be a helpful solution for you.  Or maybe your dog enjoys other dog companionship every now and again.  At Happy Pets, our indoor/outdoor dog boarding and dog daycare facility provides your dog with hours of human interaction with our trained and loving staff and playtime with other dogs that closely match their size or play temperaments.

Daycare Prices

Daycare Packages

Daycare Requirements

Pre-screening evaluations are required for all dogs coming for dog daycare. We make sure all dogs are non-aggressive and suitable for dog-dog group play. Our pre-screening evaluations are done on your first day of daycare and usually take 3-4 hours. Normal daycare rates apply. All dogs must be current on rabies and distemper and these vaccinations must be administered and documented by a licensed veterinarian. Dogs must be neutered/spayed by 2 years old. All dogs must also be free of flea, tick and other parasites such as ear mites.


  • We reserve the right to limit or refuse group play to any dog showing signs of short temper, over correcting other dogs, or any signs of aggression.
  • Dog playground equipment both inside and outside.
  • Dog agility equipment of different styles and sizes from Playtopia.
  • Above-ground Swimming Pools for dogs who want to Splash It UP!
  • Story Hour for a soothing human voice and snuggle up time with our pet care specialists.
  • Chasing Bubbles in the air when we blow bubbles through bubble wands! Dogs are intrigued and fascinated with the bubbles!
  • It is so cute to watch them! And YOU can watch the dogs interacting too using our live-stream webcams!
Bubble Fun

Daycare Dogs are Grouped by Size and Play Temperaments

We have 3 separate indoor/outdoor playgrounds to ensure an appropriate fit for your dog’s size, energy, and comfort.

Our Facility

Our inside facility cover 5,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled environment with ceiling fans for air movement and soothing music for enjoyment. The outside playgrounds are 2500-sq ft using artificial turf and small crushed granite where the dogs usually potty. Our facility is cleaned using cleaning solutions that are pet-friendly and environmentally friendly. The cleaning solutions break down bacteria and keep our facility, the turf, and all the doggy playground equipment clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh.

Activities Schedule

We offer doggy daycare, dog-dog group play, Monday – Friday from 6:00AM until 6:30PM. Reservations for daycare are not needed. Daycare dogs are in group play ALL DAY from when you drop off until when you pick up. Daycare dogs are not put in a private villa unless you bring a lunch or request a nap and then they will be up for 90-minutes which is normal in our industry to prevent bloat.

During daycare, dogs play together under our close supervision. They get love and attention from our trained staff. We play bubbles with them, snuggle, read stories, and play follow the leader because it’s fun! Basic commands are taught, such as sit, stay, shake, speak, roll over and name recognition. We help puppies learn how to self-regulate. During warmer weather, we fill up the above ground swimming pools and play with the water hose. All the dogs are monitored so everyone has a good time enjoying playtime in a safe environment. We have 3 indoor/outdoor play areas. We divide dogs by size and play styles, maturity levels, and confidence levels.

At our Chandler facility, we take all size dogs and we also have the Royal Palace play area which is exclusive for Toy Dogs up to 20-lbs. It is extra special for the tinies.

We do not offer daycare on Saturdays and Sundays due to our split shift schedule. If you have an emergency or absolutely want daycare on a Saturday or Sunday, please call us in advance to ensure we have space. Please know that your dog(s) will be in a villa between 11AM and 3PM when we close to spend time with our families.

Bring your Dogs to Socialize, Play and Make New Friends!

We offer convenient drop-off supervised group play in a temperature controlled inside environment with connected outside playgrounds for dogs to go potty outside. We provide live webcams so you can check in and see what your dogs are doing. You can rest easy knowing they are well cared for and enjoying their time at Happy Pets Palace. Call us today at 480-207-1852 if you have additional questions or to schedule your dog’s meet and greet pre-screening evaluation. Evaluations are done on your dog’s first day of daycare. Daycare rates apply.

A Note on Dog Breeds and Temperaments

We understand and respect the AKC guidelines of dog breed characteristics. If AKC.org shows your dog’s breed as “confident, strong-willed, dominant, not dog friendly, etc.” then it is good to respect the breed’s characteristics and most likely those breeds will not be a good fit in dog-dog group play. However, that is not always the case. Therefore, we give all breeds an opportunity to prescreen.

Giant-sized dogs and physically strong dogs MUST listen to and respond appropriately to basic commands in group play or they will be expelled if causing problems for the staff or other dogs. We are one of the few facilities who take bully breeds, and they must be on their best behavior in order to remain in our group play setting. If your dog is high-energy, bring them earlier in the day (no later than 9AM) when the other dogs in group still have high energy. Dropping off a high-energy dog after 9AM is not recommended because the other dogs have already been playing 2-3 hours and are getting tired.

Puppy Daycare & Socializing

Puppy socializing is perfect for puppies from 4-months old up to one year old. We accept puppies as young as 10-weeks but most likely they will need to be 12-weeks old in order to meet health requirements. If your puppy eats lunch, be sure to pack their lunch for them to enjoy at lunchtime. 

Puppies should receive a minimum of one set of vaccinations (from a licensed veterinarian) at least 7-days prior to the first day (pre-screening day) at Happy Pets Palace. Puppies under the age of 6 months must provide proof of a clear fecal before interviewing at our facility. All dogs need to be kept up-to-date on their vaccinations throughout socializing, daycare, and overnight boarding.

Rabies vaccine is due by 4-months of age unless you live in Maricopa County. Maricopa County requires all dogs have their rabies vaccine and be licensed at 3-months of age.

All dogs must be neutered/spayed by 2 years old. We require all dogs be appropriate and suitable for co-ed group play and not show any signs of aggression. Female dogs cannot be in season.

All puppies must pre-screen before being allowed to play on Puppy Wednesday. We need to make sure all dogs are a good fit for our group play environment. Call 480-207-1852 to schedule your dog’s meet and greet pre-screening appointment or visit our Puppy Socializing section to learn more and for great daycare programs just for puppies.