Dog Baths, Nails, De-Shedding, Teeth Brushing

Add-on a bath, nails, teeth brushing, or brush out when your dog is with us for daycare or overnight boarding. Let us know early in the day if you would like same day bathing. We will do everything we can to make sure your pup goes home fresh and clean.

We are not a groomer and do not offer full grooming, such as Poodle cuts, or any summer shave down haircuts. And we do not express anal glands.


Dog bath up to 20-pounds – $30
Dog bath up to 40-pounds – $40
Dog bath up to 80-pounds – $55
Dog bath up to 95-pounds – $65
Dog bath over 95-pounds – $75

Nails – $18
Teeth brushing (toothbrush is yours to keep) – $10
Brush out – $7
De-shedding brush out – $30

Your dog must be with us either for daycare playtime or overnight boarding to receive a bathing appointment.

We use the Rockin’ Paws shampoo product line which is made in the USA to the highest manufacturing standards with only the finest ingredients available. This shampoo is completely human grade and it gently and effectively removes dirt and neutralizes bad odors from your dog’s coat. One of the worst things about most commercial pet shampoos and conditioners is their use of “cost conscious” ingredients and overly-aggressive cleansing agents that completely strip away your pet’s natural lipid barrier. Rockin’ Paws products are pH-balanced, sulfate-free and paraben-free so they never irritate your pet’s delicate skin.