A Guide to Traveling with vs. Boarding Your Dog

Although we want to share life experiences with our dogs, it may be more beneficial to board them instead of taking them with us when we travel.

Dog Boarding

Potty breaks can be a challenge

Dogs like routine and things that are familiar. It can be stressful for our dogs when we change up their safe space and daily habits. The biggest factor when taking your dog with you while traveling is their potty routine gets confused. When and where will they go to the bathroom? If they are used to going to the bathroom when they want to and off leash, changing that is not as easy as it sounds. And if you’re trying to take care of getting gas, grabbing snacks, drinks, doing your own potty break, AND the dog(s) potty breaks; it is a LOT to take care of in the brief time allowed for pit stops.

Hot weather can stress out your dog

There are certain months of the year where it might work out fine to take your dogs. However, other times of the year it may be too hot for your dogs to be on the road. There is already a bit of stress that is common with traveling. And our dogs do pick up on our emotions. Therefore to help avoid additional stress, consider an alternative to benefit your dogs and you.

Top 3 benefits of boarding your dog so you can enjoy your getaway

  1. Imagine your dog being more comfortable because he or she has room to stretch out, romp and play rather than being cooped up in a vehicle.
  2. Think of their social life and the friends they enjoy in dog-dog group play. When you board with Happy Pets Palace, 390 minutes of indoor/outdoor supervised dog-dog group play is included with every overnight stay. During group play dogs choose when they need to potty and can do so off-leash. (Added bonus, we are the only facility that includes a late night potty break outside around 10 pm.)
  3. Regardless if the weather is too hot, too cold, or rainy, your dog will be spoiled! We have temperature controlled environment with air conditioning, ceiling fans, shade structures and above ground doggy swimming pools during warmer months. We can’t predict the weather however your dogs will stay comfortable at our climate controlled indoor/outdoor facility.

So Live A Little!

Loosen the ropes that keep you tied down at home and enjoy the HUMAN things in life. Go on rides at Disneyland, enjoy shows in Las Vegas, or maybe take a cruise.

As much as we love our dogs and want to enjoy everything with them, we are humans and we have our own lives to enjoy. We need to give attention in a human way to other humans. And as much as it hurts me to say this, our dogs should not go everywhere with us because it limits our choices.

We have more opportunities oftentimes when we choose to board our dogs. And at Happy Pets Palace, we understand boarding your dog can be a difficult choice to make. That is why we help to keep your dogs entertained, safe, loved on, as well as keeping their potty habits on schedule, a routine. Boarding you dogs help you to enjoy your vacation in a human way and your dog can enjoy their vacation in a dog’s way.