The Best Pet Fur Broom for Dog and Cat Owners

Most all breeds of dogs and cats shed. They shed a little bit every day. And if you have more than one pet, then multiply that little bit by the number of pets you have. And some pets shed more than others! If you’re a Husky dog owner, a Golden Retriever owner, or have more than 3 cats, you understand how quickly the fur accumulates. Even short hair breeds like Great Danes and Bulldogs shed…a lot. This blog is written for all pet owners who have pets who shed and have tile floors, wood floors, or other flat surface flooring.

A very simple rubber fur broom tackles shedding best!

Our personal pet family currently includes 6 cats and 8 dogs: a Black Lab, a Husky/Shepherd mix, a Newfoundland, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and four long hair Chihuahuas. (Yes, they are all neutered/spayed.) Over the years I have tried numerous types of products, such as Oreck, Dyson, Hoover, and Swiffer, to sweep up pet hair. They will work pretty well for a while, and then they clog or the wheel base gets fur wrapped around it or they let out of a puff of disgusting odor when they are turned on. A Swiffer doesn’t clog but it’s expensive to continue buying the disposable cloths.

The product that works the best in our home, to sweep up the dog and cat hair as well as cat litter and dust, is a very simple rubber fur broom. I came upon it when ordering dog products for our business Happy Pets Palace & Playground. We use it daily at Happy Pets Palace. It really is a fast easy way to clean up the fur from our daycare and boarding dogs.

Where to purchase

You can purchase the Furemover Broom to use at your home from Groomers Choice pet products.

Click this link and it will take you to the rubber fur broom I am recommending.

I see similar brooms on but I am not sure if they are a knock-off of the one we buy from Groomers Choice. They look similar on Amazon but not the same.

Top 10 Benefits of this rubber fur broom

  1. The rubber “bristles” of this broom collects the pet fur so the fur and dust doesn’t fly up or scatter away with the sweeping motion. This saves me valuable time.
  2. This broom picks up small pieces of twigs the Husky mix brings in to chew. It is also good for sweeping up cat litter.
  3. The rubber bristle surface is simple to clean.
  4. This broom is quiet. It doesn’t scare our pets with a loud noise that most vacuums have.
  5. The handle is adjustable so I can make it the perfect length for my comfort.
  6. It is lightweight to use.
  7. It is small and easy to store.
  8. It’s cordless!
  9. This rubber fur broom never gets clogged like my former vacuums.
  10. This broom has a squeegee on the flip side of the bristles. It comes in handy for inside water bowl spills or cleaning off the outdoor patio.

The Furemover Broom is simply the best!

This rubber fur broom is affordable. It cost around $22.00 plus shipping and handling. It will last forever unless your dog who chews gets a hold of it.
It took me over 30 years to find this very simple rubber fur broom. I don’t want you to have to wait that long. Buy one (or more) for you and one for your best friend who has pets. You will love it! I haven’t used my cordless Dyson pet vacuum in quite a while. This rubber fur broom meets my needs better.