Dog Humping and Mounting

What is Humping? Humping. It’s a little funny to talk about and a little embarrassing if you witness the behavior in your own dog. It’s a common behavior in dogs, especially in group settings like dog daycare. It’s often misperceived … Continued

The Importance of Enrichment for Dogs

Canine enrichment. It’s a term frequently used in the pet industry. Whether it be in boarding, training, or socialization, enrichment is any activity that helps dogs engage in natural behaviors. Playing, chasing, smelling, chewing, and scavenging are all examples of … Continued

How Pets Help Us Relax

Our brains process thoughts in three ways, as either 1) doing something, 2) driven-doing which is over thinking that causes worry/anxiety/panic, or 3) simply not thinking about anything except enjoying the present moment which is just “being.”  Animals, including our … Continued