Doggy Daycare and Joy Frequency

For a dog, if we open the door where their leash is stored, or if we grab their water bowl to take on a hike, those different actions trigger in a dog the next predicted action, which is to grab their leash. They know!

Dogs look forward to being included on our outings. It could be as simple as a car ride through a drive-thru, they love it all. So, when the leash comes off the hook, wild excitement moves into high gear because dogs remember and calculate that something fun is about to happen.

Now the car takes the familiar drive toward a place the dog knows, like doggy daycare, and once again the dog calculates where they’re going. The dog may start barking with joy and excitement or whining trying to suppress their excitement so they don’t wiggle out of their seat.

Why do they love doggy daycare so much? At doggy daycare, dogs connect with staff, other dogs, and they have a super fun time. When dogs get to play with other dogs on a frequent basis, they develop a sense of connection with other pups. Dogs enjoy having a life with a sense of purpose and fun. Instead of sitting home alone, waiting for the family to return, doggy daycare provides an opportunity for a dog to run and play, get exercise, feel fulfilled, and receive praise and cuddles. It’s an opportunity for a well-rounded experience.

Just like people, dogs learn and develop skill sets. They learn to manage situations based on having gone through those situations before. The more exposure a dog has to something new, the more comfortable they will become managing other new experiences. When a dog experiences something new and pleasant, they remember, and they want more. Doggy daycare provides a place for dogs to have a really great time. But their personality and the personalities of all the other dogs in their group need to blend, or at least not step on each other’s toes. Having trained staff to oversee dog body language is an absolute must and a key factor for maintaining safety and proper groupings of dogs so they can make friends and have the best experience possible.

When dog owners want to sign up for their dog for the first day, we ask about the dog’s previous experiences. If the dog has had several experiences, then coming to a new place should be pretty easy because the dog will associate new experiences as good and fun. On the other hand, if the dog has spent most of their time at home, then any new place will most likely will bring about uncertainties for the dog. And being away from home and their human family may bring about anxiety.

Dogs are very good at reading our inner feelings. It’s like dogs are able to sense the emotions we are feeling. If we are feeling nervous about leaving our dog anywhere, the dog will sense it because our body language might be different and we are probably not as relaxed as usual. Dogs pick up on signals and cues such as this. They love us so much they pay attention to our emotions, our body language, the sound of our voice, and the tone we’re using. Our dogs pick up on all signals we are displaying. They are an extension of ourselves in a cute little fur package form.

Love is a two-way street with a dog. We love our dogs SO much and dogs have emotions and feel deeply, just like us. Doubtful they display all the emotions on the frequency chart because mostly they hover at the top holding peace, love, joy as their center of being. Dogs have deep love and connection to the people they spend most of their time with. Just being beside their human is fulfilling for a dog.

And because they love us so much and vice versa, we are very protective of our dogs. They can be the physical representation of emotions we hold dear. Looking at the emotional frequency chart, the higher up the chart, the better we feel. When we look at our dogs, our heart feels love and joy. We are experiencing emotional energy that vibrates at a higher, lighter, feeling, which provides us internal comfort and haven of care.

The dogs in our life represent love and joy which are top emotions on the emotional frequency chart.  We want more of these feelings. And when we spend time with our dogs, the emotions we feel are raised to those levels at the high-end range of emotions, which in turn make us feel good. Gratitude is not shown on the chart, but it hovers near the love and joy range. We are so grateful for the reciprocation that dogs provide us with these higher emotional feelings.

When we bring our dog to doggy daycare, it is not just for physical exercise and a fun-time. On an emotional level, we bring our dogs to daycare because it brings them joy and it makes them happy. And we can see their joy the moment we start to grab their leash. And seeing our dogs experience joy makes us happy because we love them so much.

If doggy daycare is something you want your dog to try, call us at 480-207-1852 to set up a new dog prescreening appointment. We will walk your dog through the process gradually and you’ll be able to watch via our live-stream webcams. Doggy daycare can be a great fit and a win-win for you and your dog. An outing once or twice a week is perfect for your pup.

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