How to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Artificial Turf

Want to keep the dog urine odor down when the weather heats up? We have some great experience to share with you on how to clean artificial turf from dog urine smell. Artificial turf is a great option in desert climates for many reasons. It is beautiful and it stays green in our heat without much attention. However, when dogs potty on your artificial turf you should spend a little bit of time sanitizing the turf or it will eventually smell like dog urine and hold odors and bacteria.

WYSIWASH: The best dog urine cleaning product on the market today

At Happy Pets Palace we have 50-100 dogs a day going potty on our outside turf throughout the day. We clean our outside area twice daily spraying down the turf and our outdoor playground equipment thoroughly. During lunchtime we spray with KennelSOL high concentrate (HC) which offers enzymes that break down bacteria. It is awesome for our commercial use but it would be hard to use at home. During dinnertime we spray the yards and playground equipment again this time with WYSIWASH a chlorine based solution.

The nice thing about WYSIWASH is that the chemical dispenser attaches easily to a garden hose making it very convenient and affordable for at-home use. It does not require any tools to assemble. And it doesn’t require any muscle power. It is pleasant and peaceful to use. WYSIWASH is a chlorine based cleaner that started out being used in children’s playground equipment and later branched in to the dog industry. For people with artificial turf at home, this is the most economical, safe, and effective cleaning product on the market today.

Where To Get It

The WYSIWASH Sanitizer Combo Kit can be purchased online from various sources. You can find it on for under $200. The kit comes with 9 chlorine tabs which should last for months if not a year or more, if you are spending 5-10 minutes a day 1-2 times per week. Repurchase of the chlorine tabs cost about $5 per chlorine tab, sold in a 9-pc plastic container. Each chlorine tab will last more than a month. How long a chlorine tab lasts depends on how large your yard is, how long you spray your yard, and if you remember to store the unit free and clear of any water in the container. Water will dissolve the chlorine tablet.

Not Just For Use on Artificial Turf!

Male dogs will often go potty elsewhere around the backyard, not just on the artificial turf. Fortunately, you can also use Wysiwash on your rocks, quarterminus, gravel, and plants, but maybe not garden vegetation. It is also safe for your block fencing with painted stucco.

Be careful if spraying around any patio furniture fabrics or rubber. The Wysiwash will bleach out fabrics rather quickly. And it would seem likely rubber drying in the Arizona sun with chlorine product on it would crack sooner rather than later. So avoid patio furniture fabrics, rugs, and any type of rubber materials. Spraying down artificial turf with Wysiwash cleaner leaves your turf smelling fresh and clean.