How to Prepare for Your Interview

With the minimum wage in Arizona being $13.85 per hour, it is tough for inexperienced applicants to enter the job market. Whether you are applying for your first job or trying to advance to a new position, here are helpful suggestions:

Dress the part

Notice the company’s dress code and try to mimic their style when you step through their doors. See how employees are dressed on the company’s website and on their social media profiles. Look and act like you would be an easy addition to the team they already have in place.

Make good eye contact

It shows the person you are talking to that you are paying attention and interested. It also shows respect, displays good listening skills, confidence and honesty. If meeting new people makes you nervous, consciously practice making eye contact with people at places you go like restaurants, stores, schools, and sporting events. Direct eye contact and a smile are appropriate when applying for a job or working toward advancement.

Use an appropriate handshake

Adjust your handshake for everyone you meet because not everyone has the same hand strength. Elderly people and children will appreciate a less firm handshake, but not too wimpy. It is best to mimic the strength of the handshake being experienced. Practice so you can get feedback to help you learn what amount of pressure would be appropriate.

Take your time filling out the job application

Complete the job application neatly and put effort into filling out the application. If an employer can’t read your application because of sloppy handwriting, they will probably pass on hiring you because of your carelessness. Employers are looking for workers who care, pay attention to details, and can following instructions. The job application is a first impression moment so be mindful of clarity and accuracy.

Be punctual

Being dependable and punctual show a potential employer how reliable you will be as an employee. It is best to allow extra travel time and arrive five minutes early for your interview. Rule of thumb: “If you’re on-time, you’re late. If you’re five minutes early, you’re on time.”  Employers love knowing they can depend on their team. Your patterns of being dependable and punctual, as well as your overall attitude, will play a part in your opportunities for future advancements.

Make a good impression on interview day

While you’re waiting that five minutes before your scheduled interview, look around the lobby, engage with the office staff, have good eye contact, smile, and seem interested in where you want to work. Do not spend that five minutes withdrawn or on your phone. The staff members will probably have input from the boss about all the applicants so be sure to show your interest. Remember to thank them for their time before you leave.

Value continuous self-improvement

Think of your hobbies and passions that might be applicable to the job and express how they may benefit the company. Stay current with industry news, trends or movements so you can offer more than the next applicant who wants the same job.

If you’re seeking upward mobility in the company, look for opportunities that challenge you and help you bring value to the business as well as support your personal goals.

When you work hard to get a job which you find interesting, chances are you will feel more satisfied with how you are spending your time. When you enjoy where you work, it leads to a more fulfilled life. Your efforts and preparations are key to your own success. When you are motivated to get that job and you put in the effort, it will be apparent. When you land that perfect job because of your efforts, things in life may get a little easier. The road to your success is in your hands.

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