PUPPY TRAINING – We All Just Want a Good Puppy

We love their cuteness, innocence, clumsiness, their softness which makes them so huggable, and their puppy breath. But puppies also come with a set of sharp teeth and adorable sweet eyes that look at everything as a chew toy. Everything is fair game to a young puppy who doesn’t know any better. And training a puppy takes a lot of time, patience, and repetition.

Our Puppy Program Sets You Up for Success

We take the stress out of puppy training by doing the work and repetition for you. If you want your puppy to be well-behaved, the perfect solution is the puppy program at Happy Pets Palace. “Puppy Training, Socializing, and Adventures” is an easy way to gently shape your puppy into the good puppy you want. Our puppy training is a six-hour per day drop-off service. An additional six-hours of day care is included per day if needed.

Our Puppy Program Sets Your Puppy Up for Success

We spend many hours each day with your puppy doing repetition in shorter spurts because puppies learn better this way. Our safe and structured environment sets your puppy up for success because they will be properly guided with positive reinforcements, praise, and affection. And puppies enjoy spending their energy playing with other puppies in class.

Puppies are provided with structured learning, monitored playtime socialization, and crate training. There’s also time built in for rest, lunch, mind exercises, enjoyable activities and familiarization with many new experiences.

How Our Program Compares to Classes Offered by Chain Pet Centers

We believe that condensed one-hour classes are a fun socializing experience for people and puppies but focused learning in one-hour sessions are difficult for both puppies and parents for a few reasons. Pet parents usually have several things on their mind and it is hard to shut off thoughts about work, friends, and family, and all our responsibilities of life. On the other hand, puppies are so excited to be in a new place with new friends that they just want to have fun. Instead, they are expected to be mindful and obedient little students. It is too much pressure and information compacted into a short time with an overload of distractions for puppies. And to the parents’ defense, it is very easy to let a week slip by without making or having the time to practice and keep up training at home. A week goes by so fast.

A Well-Trained, Well Socialized Puppy Offers Us a Life-Long Relationship Filled with Love and Joy

Our puppy program helps to have a well-rounded puppy who will be mentally and intellectually equipped to enjoy life with you, your family and friends, whether at home or in public.

Puppies require our continual thoughts all day, all night. They have needs and wants and they depend on our help along with guidance. Puppies crave our positive interactions with them. They long to please us. We, as responsible pet parents, need to steer them in the right direction. It sounds like a lot of time, and it is. If not guided properly, puppies will likely fulfill their own needs and wants, which probably won’t agree with our ideas of making good puppy choices. Setting puppies up for success is a commitment. A well-trained, well-socialized puppy offers us a lifelong relationship filled with rewards of love and joy. And isn’t that the reason we all want a good puppy?

Learn more about our Puppy Socializing and its requirements here.