What should I bring for overnight boarding?

Please bring your dog’s food and treats. If you want precise feeding quantity, then have each meal packed in a separate baggie. We do use standard measuring cups. If an occasional heaping measurement is fine, then you can bring in a large bag of food for the entire stay instead of individual baggies for each meal. Allow for one extra day of food in case your travel plans change. If your dog has a special bed or favorite toy, you can bring it. If your dog sleeps with you at night, you may want to bring something that smells like you, like a sweatshirt or towel. We will be happy to include it on their bed. We provide a raised Kuranda beds, fleece blanket, and food and water bowls.

If your dog recently went to the vet for any vaccinations, please bring your vet records so we can make a copy to keep our records current.