What is your daycare like?


We offer doggy daycare, dog-dog group play, Monday – Friday from 6:00AM until 6:30PM. Reservations for daycare are not needed. Daycare dogs are in group play ALL DAY from when you drop off until when you pick up. Daycare dogs are not put in a private villa unless you bring a lunch or request a nap and then they will be up for 90-minutes which is normal in our industry to prevent bloat.

During daycare, dogs play together under our close supervision. They get love and attention from our trained staff. We play bubbles with them, snuggle, read stories, and play follow the leader because it’s fun! We also work on basic commands such as sit, stay, shake, speak, roll over and name recognition. We help puppies learn how to self-regulate. During warmer weather, we fill up the above ground swimming pools and play with the water hose. We monitor all the dogs so everyone has a good time enjoying playtime in a safe environment. We have 3 indoor/outdoor play areas. We divide dogs by size and play styles, maturity levels, and confidence levels.

At our Mesa location, we have a separate teacup play area that we use when tinies (up to 20-lbs) are timid and prefer a quieter space. Otherwise, the teacup dogs are in with small-medium dogs (if their play style is mild). Our Chandler location has a dedicated indoor/outdoor playground just for teacup and toy breed dogs. Most pups are under 20-lbs although there may occasionally be a timid/shy toy dog who exceeds this weight by a few pounds.

We do not offer daycare on Saturdays and Sundays due to our split shift schedule. If you have an emergency or absolutely want daycare on a Saturday or Sunday, please call us in advance to ensure we have space. Please know that your dog(s) will be in a villa between 11AM and 3PM when we close to spend time with our families. Please note that we do not offer daycare on our six major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day).